A Message From The Director

Welcome to infraPlan, a transport, urban policy, infrastructure, consultation and traffic engineering consultancy.

Photo 5Our community faces enormous challenges such as population growth, climate change, housing and infrastructure gaps, funding shortages and higher energy and water costs. We believe that our generation, beyond any other in history of humankind, has to meet these challenges for the benefit of future generations.

 InfraPlan was established in 2005 to put our productive imagination to work using a more strategic and creative approach to address such challenges. We offer a range of consultancy services including: urban, infrastructure and transport planning expertise, strategic planning and sustainability advice, economic analysis and traffic engineering services and movement planning services. We create strategic “road maps” for councils; policies for state and federal governments that are both implementable, able to be funded, and have traction with the community and industry; robust advice to steer private sector projects ‘over the line’.


InfraPlan's team members are experienced, well respected and have long-established working relationships throughout the professional community. The company's growing reputation stems from our wide-ranging project work and client base across both public and private sectors.


Latest News:

"Urban Growth Management is vital to Adelaide’s evolution".

George Giannakodakis, Managing Director InfraPlan
As published in InDaily, 10th February 2016.